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M2M One is Madison Technologies’ recommended solution provider for Static IP, VPN & Managed IPWAN services.

About M2M One

Australia's Leading Provider of SIM Cards and Data Plans for M2M and IoT Devices, M2M One cater exclusively to the Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) market. Their goal is to help customers and partners accelerate development and manage deployment of their connected devices.

Services include: M2M SIM Cards | IP networking | Flexible Data Plans | M2M Service Management

All of M2M One services are backed by a world class online Control Centre and operate on Australia’s largest mobile network, offering your devices the greatest reliability, coverage and speed available.

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We're currently working to add all products to our website. In the meantime we would still love to help you to find what you need. Please call 1800 72 79 79 to enquire about these products.