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For now 30 years, HUMANTECHNIK has been developing and producing technology for enhanced quality of life which people with impaired hearing can enjoy at home, on the premises and on the move, with a greater sense of independence.

HUMANTECHNIK offers a comprehensive range of technical solutions for operating inductive loop systems for public environments like churches, classrooms, museums, meeting rooms, conference centres and a multitude of other public spaces and institutions.

AUDIOropa is a division of the HUMANTECHNIK group. The portfolio includes audio transmission systems, audiological systems and solutions for the realisation of acoustic accessibility (inclusion).

Holders of meeting and conference centers, cinemas, theaters and other public institutions, such as banks or hotels can let hearing impaired people wearing hearing aids or CI systems participate in acoustic events using AUDIOropa technology. 

We're currently working to add all products to our website. In the meantime we would still love to help you to find what you need. Please call 1800 00 77 80 to enquire about these products.