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Garland Cables

Garland has a complete range of cabling and connectivity products to help you achieve outstanding results on all your cabling projects. 

Optical Fibre products include: Multimode and Single Mode Optical Fibre cable, Indoor/Outdoor Riser cable, External Loose Tube cable, Pre-terminated cables, Fibre Trays, External Splice Closures, Patch Leads, Pigtails, Adaptors, Mechanical Splices, Splice Cassettes, Splice Protectors, Connector End Face Cleaners and Fibre Optic Stripping tools.
The copper range includes: Audio Visual, LAN & Data, Coaxial, Power, Security & Fire Control, Instrumentation, Telephone, Composite and Traffic cables as well as RJ45 Connectors, Patch Cords, Patch Panels and Cable Managers.

We can also custom design and manufacture cables to meet your exact requirements.Garland Cables is owned and operated by Madison Technologies. When you contact Garland, you connect to the designer, manufacturer, importer and distributor.

The Garland product is dispatched from four distribution centres throughout Australia.