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DisplayNote Technologies

DisplayNote Technologies, based in Northern Ireland's storied Titanic Quarter, is a builder of solutions for real-time collaboration across the web, desktop, mobile devices and large format displays.

It previously secured US$1.6 million in Series A funding and recently signed a deal with NEC Displays that sees DisplayNote ship with 1.3 million PCs in Japan.

  • Founded in 2012
  • Offices in Belfast, Northern Ireland and Murcia, Spain
  • Team 35 People
  • CEO Paul Brown & CTO Andy Bell

Specialist in real-time collaboration across desktop, mobile devices and large format display.

DisplayNote Technologies have a simple mission; to make people and organisations as productive and effective as possible by making it easy for them to share ideas and transfer information regardless of location and technology used.

Creator of the Montage Wireless Presentation System






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