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B+B SmartWorx

B+B SmartWorx products create seamless M2M network connections wherever they’re needed, all the way from the network edge to the network core. Guide data across copper, fibre and wireless connections. Aggregate, convert and transmit data networking protocols both new and old, from the latest iteration of MQTT for IoT applications or long established protocols like Modbus.

Add new layers of sophistication to M2M data networks, and provide new IoT capabilities with Wizzard Platform, Spectre Routers, Conel Modular Routers, Industrial Isolation & Surge Suppression and Sabre NID for Carrier Ethernet 2.0, SmartWorx Hub.

B+B SmartWorx products are engineered to be robust and resilient in even the most demanding environments, and to equip Systems Integrators, VARs and OEMs with easy-to-use solutions that will give the best possible return on investment.