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Moxa Cybersecurity

Defend Your
Industrial Networks

Strengthen industrial cybersecurity without compromising production efficiency

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While companies are tapping into the opportunities that the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has to offer, digitalization has become a key initiative for industries. Digitalization has allowed the industrial control system (ICS) landscape to develop quickly in recent years. Originally, ICS networks were physically isolated and almost immune to cyberattacks. However, recently, there has been a rise in the sophistication of cyber attacks, which has prompted everyone from IT to OT personnel to produce solutions that enhance industrial cybersecurity. Thus, understanding industrial cybersecurity requirements will help companies mitigate cybersecurity risks. Read on to learn more.

Debunk Industrial Cybersecurity Myths

There are some myths about industrial cybersecurity that may put your facilities and businesses at risk. Watch the video to learn how to debunk the myths and build defense-in-depth security for your industrial networks to ensure continuous operations and the safety of personnel.

Vast Differences Between IT and OT

No. 1 Priority Confidentiality Availability
Focus Data integrity is key Control processes cannot tolerate downtime
Protection Target Windows computers, servers Industrial legacy devices, barcode readers
Environmental Conditions Air-conditioned Extreme temperatures, vibrations and shocks

Checklist for Your Industrial Cybersecurity

You can use the checklist below to make sure you do not forgot any of the defense-in-depth security measures and select solutions that fit your needs.

Secure Devices

Secure Devices

  • Does your device provide password protection?
  • Does your device check password strength?
  • Can your device verify authorized access and prevent unwanted connections from other devices?
  • Can your device encrypt confidential serial interface data to ensure data integrity?
  • Can your device check the configurations of files before configuring them?
  • Can your device vendor quickly report and fix vulnerabilities?
Secure Network Infrastructure

Secure Network Infrastructure

  • Does your network system contain many access points (like unused Ethernet ports)?
  • Is your network system able to authorize and prevent unauthorized access?
  • Does your network system provide secured data transmission, such as VPN tunnels?
  • Is your industrial network system able to filter and control data transmission by deploying industrial firewalls, VLAN, or ACL for industrial protocol/IP/MAC filtering?
Security Management

Security Management

  • Have you created security policies for your industrial network and field site device?
  • Have you defined the security functions and levels your network devices must apply?
  • Can you continuously scan the security status of all your industrial devices to ensure that your entire network is secure?
  • Are you able to monitor your network topology and control the addition of any new devices?
  • Do your devices save all event logs for reference in the event of security breaches?
  • Have you prepared tools to trace network configuration changes in case someone maliciously changes your network?

Device Security Solution

To enhance our Device Security, Moxa has identified a big set of cybersecurity features based on the component requirements of IEC 62443. The set of security features have been implemented in a wide portfolio of devices, including Secure Routers, Rackmount Switches, EDS-500E series DIN Rail Switches, select models of Device Sever, and Protocol Gateways.

Prevent Intrusions and Attacks

To prevent network intrusions and attacks, it is essential to have a good access control mechanism in place that can identify, authenticate, and authorize users. Moxa’s network devices support user account management, password policy, and authentication interface management features that meet the technical security requirements of the IEC 62443 standard.

  • Operators can use these features to create user accounts and roles, grant different access privileges, and manage access to devices across networks
  • Authentication with IEEE 802.1x, RADIUS, TACACS+ and MAB(MAC Address bypass) helps devices that do not support IEEE 802.1x for easy management.
  • Port security with Static Lock helps to block hackers and careless usage. MAC address sticky can auto learn the device MAC without manual typing. ACL(Assess Control List) Provide network security by controlling access to devices.
  • Provide DoS Defense Capability by disable unencrypted and unused interfaces (e.g. HTTP, Telnet) and Limits the maximum login users to prevent device overload with superfluous requests

Protect Sensitive Data

Moxa’s devices support advanced HTTPS/SSH features, which provide a secure channel for data transfer over unsecure networks ensuring reliable processing and retrieval of data. To protect data from being stolen or corrupted, Moxa provides functions such as SNMP password encryption and network configuration encryption, which ensure the highest level of protection for your network devices.

The NPort 6000 secure servers use SSL to implement secure data transmission for Secure TCP Server, Secure TCP Client, Secure Pair Connection, and Secure Real COM modes.. The NPort’s drivers follow the SSL standard and automatically negotiate the encryption key. To prevent hacker attacks, the NPort will automatically switch from DES/3DES to AES encryption for highly secure data transmissions.

Track Network Events

Your cybersecurity journey does not end when your network security solution is up and running. You must constantly monitor your networks and audit network events for potential threats. Although it is quite difficult to detect breaches in real time, security event logs can help you identify the source of the issue. Information from these data logs can be used to track network activities, analyze potential threats, or identify devices that are incorrectly configured, which you can then use to disconnect user access, delete user accounts, or restart devices.

Moxa’s Solution Highlight

Managed Ethernet Switches - EDS-500E Series

Rackmount Ethernet Switches - ICS/IKS Series

Secure Terminal Servers - NPort 6000 Series


Case Studies

With over 30 years of experience in industrial networking, Moxa draws on this expertise to help customers build secure networks by offering protection for PLCs, SCADA systems, factory networks, and remote access. Download the case studies to learn more.

Customer: Oil & Gas Service Company


High-capacity oil and gas pipelines are very volatile and often span thousands of kilometers. The pump stations along the pipeline are equipped with analyzers and PLCs. The company found it challenging to maintain a secure and stable network connection between the stations and the remote SCADA system because the PLCs and I/O devices did not have any security features.

Why Moxa

To close the gap between the OT and IT worlds, Moxa offers coordinated solutions that are designed to completely protect your industrial networks.

Defense-in-Depth Cybersecurity

Moxa’s product portfolio is based on the defense-in-depth concept that includes secure devices, secure network infrastructure, and security management.

Continuously Enhancing Security

Moxa takes a proactive approach to protect our products from security vulnerabilities and help our customers better manage security risks.

Development for IT/OT Security

Moxa has partnered with Trend Micro to respond to the growing security needs of industries as well as the security demands from IT/OT personnel.

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