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Madison Technologies has a proud 25-year history of manufacturing and distributing technology infrastructure and hardware across cabling, networking, wireless, and audio visual disciplines.

The manufacturing arm of Madison Technologies – Madison Manufacturing, offers custom and generic industrial products, designed and produced to demanding standards of quality whilst adhering to strict production timelines.

Our Services Include:

  • Toll manufacturing services for discrete sub assembly
  • Supply chain collaboration
  • Made to measure componentry based upon demanding specifications
  • Integrated-service/product solutions
  • Cost effective manufacturing solutions regardless of volume
  • Testing of product conformance to supplier’s requirements

Our Customers

Our customers include Australia’s leading communications companies such as Telstra and NBN. We service a range of other demanding commercial industry sectors such as security, mining, resources and defence.
The demonstrated success and reliability of our manufactured products is a testament to the rigour we apply to our manufacturing processes and the pride we take in applying a “Be of Service” attitude.

We are manufacturing enthusiasts who revel in balancing your production flow.


Your manufacturing partner for:

  • Toll - contract manufacturing
  • Electronics & communications manufacturing and assembly
  • Tail shop assembly, wiring harness pre-termination production and componentry rework
  • High volume kitting and assembly experience
  • Enterprise based costing to measure and charge for value added labour components in 30 second increments
  • Bespoke testing and validation capability for ‘Zero Faults’ manufacturing
  • Process documentation and Quality Assurance standards in accordance with ISO9001
  • Robust local relationships with the best metal and plastic fabricators
  • Experienced in the management of confidential IP and assembly processes to ensure knowledge security

Madison Manufacturing. Your solution to rapid growth manufacturing challenges.

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