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Industrial Wireless

Wireless technology has been used across industrial applications for decades. The convenience and flexibility that wireless networks provides, can ultimately lead to an increase in production and reduction of overall costs for many applications. 

It seems evident that the top three benefits of a wireless solution in industrial applications are; 

  • •    Greater mobility with no wired framework restrictions
  • •    Increased abilities to communicate over larger distances or within restrictive environments
  • •    Reduction of set up and ongoing maintenance costs with no cabling infrastructure

Other advantages to wireless industrial networking are; fast and easy installation and integration to devices, greater autonomy, increased personal safety , and the capacity to upgrade and modify with new technology.

Product Categories

It is important to choose technology which will best suit the application, when incorporating wireless technology into a system design. Madison has a range of industrial certified devices that can be used to create a solution to fit your needs.

  • Routers/Modems: Our range of 3G & 4G Cellular, GSM and Satellite routers/modems includes; ruggedised ADSL, industrial VPN secure routers, multiple media ADSL/VDSL2 routers, industrial five-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA cellular routers, and VDSL2 modems.
  • Backhaul: Ready-to-use Point-to-Point Wireless Ethernet Bridge that can interconnect two Ethernet networks or replace cabling between devices. Wireless RS232/RS422/RS485 Serial Device Server for hazardous areas.
  • Industrial Wi-Fi: 
    • Access Point 3-in-1 combo solution: Wi-Fi access point, Ethernet switch and POE injector. The device is enables you to connect to industrial equipment featuring a 10/100 Ethernet interface. It can also be used as a Wi-Fi network repeater (WDS) in order to extend radio coverage or as a wireless bridge.
    • Multi-Access Gateway With high accuracy GPS, engine diagnostic support and an accelerometer for motion detection that can be configured as analogue or digital.
    • Wireless power amplifiers, industrial wireless IEEE 802.11 solutions, wireless AP/bridge/client devices, terminating resistors, antennas, access controllers, industrial cable leads, mounting kits and equipment.

Industrial Wireless Brands


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