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Dynamic and engaging Digital Signage can be easy.

Digital Signage is the use of an LCD or display screen to display dynamic or moving images, videos and content for the purpose of communicating with customers/audiences.It is fast becoming the norm for businesses that want to communicate and engage with staff, promote a product or service, interact with customers, and help people to find their way.

What are some applications?

There's simply too many ways that digital signage can be used to suit whatever application you wish to implement.  It all depends on what you're trying to achieve. We've found that most applications for digital signage fall into the following three categories:

  • Single Screen Installs
  • Networked Digital Signage (multi-location/multi-screen deployments)
  • Video Walls & Live Streaming Deployments


Who uses Digital Signage?

  • Retailers - to entice passing traffic and cross-sell to customers; making targeted in-store promotion and communication much easier.
  • Schools - to inform and educate students. No more bulletin boards with out-of-date notices.
  • Corporate businesses - to communicate real-time company information internally to employees.
  • Hospitals, Universities, Convention Centres, Venues and Theatres - for wayfinding and communication.
  • Quick service restaurants - to run timely promotions and maintain consistency across a network of menu boards.

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