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Connected Mining Vehicles for Smarter Mine Sites

As the desire increases for monitoring assets while in operation, keeping these often disparate onboard systems secure yet connected to the core network can become costly and hard to maintain.

Solution Overview 

Solution Features

  • At the core of the connected truck is the Moxa EDR firewall/router, ensuring security and intrusion prevention.
  • The firewall keeps the disparate onboard systems like the thermal camera, engine monitoring and driver fatigue monitoring separate, whilst maintaining the connected truck remains secure.
  • All this connected truck data can then be securely transferred off the truck via a suitable communications gateway platform.

Moxa EDR-810

Industrial hardened firewall and router to securely manage disparate network traffic and services. Keep your engine monitoring, CCTV and other onboard systems secure and separate.


Moxa ioLogik

Collect realtime engine parameters like temperature, pressure, voltage and currents for preventative maintenance and early warning alerts. Monitor racking and bias figures in real time to better understand how the truck is being operated.


MOBOTIX S16 Thermal/Optical

Monitor and alert in real time potential hot spots and points of failure using Mobotix thermal cameras. Are the wheel bearings getting too hot? Safely manage and schedule preventative maintenance.


Communications Gateway

The communication gateway could be a secure Wi-Fi link, LTE or Private LTE connection. Consolidate and securely transfer all onboard data to the mine network in real time.


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