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Frequently Asked Questions About SpinetiX Digital Signage Solutions

There are some common questions that always pop up when it comes to digital signage applications and installations. SpinetiX have an excellent support wiki on their website that answers the vast majority of questions they receive. We thought we'd share the top ten questions about the Hyper Media Players...and of course the answers. 

  1. Can I use a touchscreen with the Hyper Media Player?
    Yes, the HMP supports virtually any touchscreen or touchscreen overlay which uses an HID compliant controller, is connected to the HMP via the USB port and works in single-touch mode. Please check the supported touchscreen controllers and devices page for more details on this subject.

  2. What kind of video wall shapes are supported by the HMP?
    Elementi natively supports any grid shape multiscreen content.

    It is also possible to replace the Grid Multiscreen Layout by the Custom Multiscreen Layout to mix various screen sizes, orientation or even screen overlaps.
  3. What server do I need to use with my HMPs?
    The HMP do not need any additional server. Each unit comes with its own internal storage. You can use the built-in Fusion interface to manage the content to be displayed, or the Windows-based Elementi software to create and publish content on any number of HMP devices. 

    If you still want to use a server for storing the content, any web server can be used (Synology NAS, QNAP NAS, DropBox, public WebDAV servers like myDrive, HTTP server with FTP for upload etc.)
  4. What file types are supported by the HMP?
    The HMP can play the following file types:
    • Image: PNG and JPG / JPEG. Other formats will be automatically converted by Elementi.
    • Video: AVI, MOV and MP4 are the recommended video format to be used. Others formats may be used as explained in the Video decoding page. Use of the H.264 video codec is recommend for the HMP200 and MPEG-4 (part2) for the HMP130 / HMP100. See the Encoding guides to re-encode your video if needed.
    • Audio: MP3 & M4A are the recommended audio format. Other formats may be used as explained on the Audio page.
  5. What content management methods can we use with the Hyper Media Players?
    The content can be managed (created, updated etc.) using:

    The content can then be delivered on the HMP using the following methods:

    Method Description Requirements Advantages
    Content push The content is directly pushed on the HMP storage.
    • Direct network access to the HMP
    • No server needed
    • Network access needed only during the update
    Content pull The content is first uploaded on a web server and then retrieved from there by the HMP (using Pull Mode orClient/Server mode.
    • Direct network access to HMP not required
    • Compatible with firewalls and NAT
    • Automatic content update according to a schedule or on-demand
    • Network used only during updates
    Plug & play USB drive The content is first copied on a USB drive and then played from it by the HMP.
    • No network access required
    • Larger storage space for the content
    • FAT file system can be used with most PCs

    Note: The different methods described above can be combined if required. For instance, the media content can be locally managed using Fusion, yet have a Fusion Skin that includes a remote background image retrieved from a web server using Pull Mode.
  6. Is there a CMS from SpinetiX for multi-user content management?
    No, SpinetiX only offers Elementi and Fusion for content management. However a list of partners offering solutions compatible with the HMP can be found on the software page of SpinetiX web site.
  7. Is the HMP compatible with Crestron or AMX controllers? 
    Yes, check the Crestron and AMX pages for more details on this subject.

  8. Can I connect via WiFi?
  9. The HMP does not support Wi-Fi keys, but it is compatible with any Wi-Fi wireless client or access point. SpinetiX go into more detail on their WiFi page.
  11. I need to ask the security manager if we can integrate the HMP in the network. What can I tell the manager about security?​ 
    SpinetiX is very serious about security, and you can find a lot of details on the Security page. The HMP can and should always be password protected. Your network administrator may also be interested in the list of ports opened by the HMP.
    Note that SpinetiX is regularly releasing firmware updates (as described on the HMP release notes) which, among others, include security patches and vulnerabilities fixes.
  12. What kind of interactivity can I do with the HMP?
    The HMP supports 3 different type of interactivity:

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