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The Smart-age

Technology is a fast moving and dynamic aspect of our lives, every 6 months there seems to be a new ‘revolutionary’ product or system unveiled that can change everything.    

 A world where “smart” is rapidly becoming the prefix for everyday things means that connectivity and interoperability are important factors in getting your smart phone to connect to your smart car telling your smart parking garage to open the gates as you approach.  We are heading towards a “Jetsons” reality with automation becoming common place and expected.  As modern living standards progress the idea of autonomy and remote access are starting to filter into our everyday life.

New buildings should stand the test of time.  Society places a buildings relevance on its architectural merit and ability to support current and future technologies that perpetuate our “smart” lifestyle.  With this in mind, new developments and refurbishments are as equally focused on the technology behind the walls as they are with the structural integrity of the wall itself.  The more versatile and future-proof the buildings network is, the better chance it has to maintain not only proactive functionality, but value. 

With high-rise buildings shooting up on every city-scape, be it commercial or residential, the supply/demand curve is about to shift.  When there is an abundance of choice, the customer starts to drill down to smaller details to decide on one from another.  Things like dynamic real-time energy monitoring might seem like a negligible luxury at first, however when comparing your options to take residents or tenants somewhere of equal cost without it, it quickly becomes a valuable point of difference.  After all, it’s a greener way of living and it can help to manage monthly bills.

Imagine knowing that one building has a system that unifies all of its common facilities and assets onto a single network that is constantly being monitored.  Maintenance issues or safety alarms are dealt with immediately, so as to cause minimal or even no down time.  A system that automatically raises services call and alerts engineers when scheduled maintenance is due, or when product warranties need renewing definitely falls into the future-proof category. 

The other building uses and multiplies individual networks in isolation, with no global network view or management.  All the assets and facilities are manually looked after and services and repair calls are made once an issue has been raised.  These are the options that millennials will have when deciding where they want to live or run their business.

As with any network or system, you’ve got to have key components working together to make sure that everything works seamlessly.  The best way to achieve this is make all those devices part of the same eco-system.  By having reliability in the network you remove any functional concerns and can focus on your assets being managed and monitored, not the delivery system.  With a Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) you have the freedom to unite all the traditional cables onto one single fibre, reducing cost while at the same time offering the same isolation of services over the network using VLANs. 

In addition, the advantages to a faster smarter network is the security in knowing that the delivery system is as close to future proof as it gets with and abundance of bandwidth at your disposal and the option to use expansion cards there really is no better way to ensure a building can stay up to date with the worlds fast moving technology taking us into the “Smart-age”.

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