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The Real Benefits of Digital Signage

The use of digital signage displays in retail and reception areas is fast becoming the norm for communicating with customers.

The article covers five benefits of employing a dynamic display system within your retail business or reception area.

The benefits of in-store digital displays

Digital Signage is the use of dynamic or moving images, videos and content to directly communicate with customers via an LCD or alternative display screens. 

The use of digital signage displays in retail and office environments is fast becoming the norm for communicating with customers. Available in Media Player (Hardware) format and as software based PC solutions, Digital Signage Systems are used as a cost effective way of engaging and communicating with customers.

We've put together a list of five benefits of employing a dynamic display system within your business:

1) Timely & Relevant Content

How often have you walked into a shop and seen a sign or poster for a special or promotion only to find out the promotion had expired the month before?

Digital Signage systems can schedule targeted messages to appear at the right time and for a predetermined period, allowing wholesalers to set and forget.

2) Easy to deploy and manage

The last thing anyone wants to do is fiddle around with computers, troubleshooting IT problems every day.

A Digital Signage solution is easy to deploy and manage in store and across networks.

A Media Player with inbuilt software has the benefits of no moving parts so will not overheat, is not reliant on large clumsy software and hardware, can be invisible to customers and requires no maintenance – resulting in a cost effective solution with limited downtime.

3) Ability to update and change content on the go

With a Dynamic Signage system, content can be sent via the internet or played from a USB.

Changes can be created and updated within minutes. This can apply to price point sales items and anything that needs to be put on display at short notice.

Just Drag and Drop the new file into the playlist on the Media Player and the promotion will appear on the Digital Signage screen.

4) Provide content for upselling opportunities

A Dynamic Signage System can be used to provide relevant and educational content, adding value to customer’s experience.

A strategically placed screen playing an educational video on product benefits whilst promoting accessories available for that product, can dramatically increase the likelihood of additional sales.

The customer is able to make informed decisions based on the relevant information provided.

5) Scalability

Scalability allows for the system to be managed and extrapolated from one source, making consistency for brand building a breeze. As new sites or applications become available, it is simple to add another Media Player, screen and connect them to the network.

The world of retail sales and promotion is changing quickly across Australia. It is important to find the most cost effective and efficient solution for communicating clearly with your customers.

A Digital Signage system using a reliable Media Player allows businesses to reach customers simply and directly in the way people are accustomed to receiving information.

Madison offers a full range of digital signage solutions for retailers and business looking to revolutionise the way they communicate.