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Taking the lead on Smart Building Integration

You don’t have to look too far these day to be confronted with several developments across the Smart Building landscape. 

The evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT), the “big data & cloud” discussion and all those exciting promises that analytics will provide new and informative insights into our behaviours in the built environment.

The promise of continued advancements in Smart Building Technologies demands skilled technical and commercial expertise in understanding, designing, implementing and managing the platforms.

Critical to all this innovation, is the need for a strong data communications network within the building that support secure, high speed communications. Much has been spoken about in terms of the Building Integrated Communications Network (ICN) but few installations have seen this deployed.

A strong reason for such the minimal uptake is the knowledge and skill required to integrate what traditionally has been disparate building networks.

The concept of a Master Systems Integrator (MSI) is evolving to fill this void in terms of skills and knowledge. The MSI considers the overall intent of the network architecture and develops the appropriate structure for integration, communication and management of the services post project delivery.

The MSI can traditionally come from an existing building services such as Intelligent Lighting Control, Security or Building Management Solution, but also may be from a more telecommunications or pure IT background.

As the building communications landscape continues to evolve, supporting technologies that are still being developed, it is certain that a new age of systems integrator is emerging and the chance to shape the implementation of such a dynamic space.

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