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SpinetiX HMP130 Not Recommended for New Deployments

With the standardisation of full HD, the product life of the SpinetiX HMP130 is naturally coming to an end.

SpinetiX has released details about what this will mean for current deployments and the migration path for those who want the HMP130 features.

Farewell HMP130 - You were kind to us all.

The Spinetix HMP130 has been an extremely popular and valued member of the Hyper Media Player (HMP) Family.  As the availability of and demand for HD content has grown, it has come time to let the HMP130 product life is coming to an end. In January 2016, SpinetiX has released a NRND notice for the HMP130. 

What does NRND mean?

NRND stands for 'Not Recommended for New Deployments' and simply means that the product is coming to its natural end and it will not be produced any longer. Limited supply will still be available for customers wishing to extend on current installs of HMP130.

What is the HMP130 Migration Path?

The HMP130 migration path is the HMP300. The HMP300 offers equivalent standard features at the same price. 

If the HMP130 has been selected for its special features (such as video wall, streaming, advanced interactivity etc.), then the HMP200 or HMP350 should be considered as replacement instead.

If you have any questions about the correct migration path for your application, please call us on 1800 00 77 80 or complete the form below.

Following is an excerpt from the Product End-Of-Life Policy for SpinetiX Hardware (read the original here):

Hardware End-Of-Life Policy

SpinetiX is committed to the design and manufacture of the highest quality solid-state media players for digital signage.

All of our product models are made to work 24/7 and to last as long as possible: this protects our customers’ investment, and protects the environment. Our efforts to offer the best quality begin in Switzerland where our hardware and software architects design our products. To keep the highest standards of quality control we manufacture in Europe and select reliable technology from established partners like Texas Instruments.

In line with this strategy, SpinetiX has made the commercial commitment to offer to our customers a premium warranty on all our current hardware products. (See the SpinetiX Hardware Limited Warranty Agreement).

The life time of a SpinetiX product begins with its market introduction and ends when SpinetiX takes the decision to discontinue its manufacture: this date is called End-Of-Life (EOL). This decision is taken in the interest of the customer when the technology used in the product becomes obsolete or is not available anymore. To help anticipate an EOL event and plan migration paths, SpinetiX informs its partners as early as possible when the product is Not Recommended for New Deployments (NRND), and which migration path strategy is the most suitable.

As stated in the product life-time warranty, two years after the EOL date, SpinetiX terminates the product life-time warranty: this event is referred to as the End-Of-Warranty (EOW).


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