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Video: Simple Digital Signage for Single Screens with DiVA at ISE 2016

At the Integrated Systems Europe 2016 (ISE) show in Amsterdam, Christopher Holder from Digital Signage Magazine caught up with George Preston from Spinetix to discuss recent developments in the SpinetiX Digital Signage portfolio. 

DiVA is the latest addition to the SpinetiX range of quality Digital Signage Players. It was designed to address the saturation of overly complicated and impractical digital signage solutions that are sold to small businesses with applications where only one screen is required.

Which Businesses would Benefit from the DiVA Media Player?

  • Reception Areas / Foyers
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Cafe/restaurants
  • Auto Care Centres

Simple & Straightforward

Without the CMS, Server and additional software, digital signage suddenly becomes a simple and straightforward investment for small businesses and single screen applications.

As George states, "Digital signage does not need to be complicated. With DiVA, all the apps and templates are included, there are no recurrent fees and no hidden costs.  All you need is the DiVA and your content." 

Templates and Apps include the following:

  • Vertical & Horizontal Templates
  • Weather Apps
  • RSS Feeds
  • Date, Time
  • Messages

All you need to get started is a DiVA, a screen and a web browser.  Read more about the features of DiVA here.

See the video in full from ISE 2016 in Amsterdam with George Preston, SpinetiX.

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