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Industrial LTE Router

Ruggedised Communications platform for LTE and Wi-Fi Networks.

LTE technology is becoming common place in mining operations and remote work sites due to its capabilities of greater bandwidth, real time coverage and increased connection reliability. These private LTE networking solutions offer greater flexibility when implemented across multiple applications such as operational management, security and mobile and fleet asset management.

The Ruggedised Router has been designed specifically to withstand the harsh operational requirements of the Australian mining industry and the platform is well proven on a range of mobile mining equipment. The slimline aluminium housing boasts a water and dust resistant rating of IP66. The device comes with anti-vibrational mounts suiting deployments to mobile applications and an easily installed antenna mounting bracket kit. The router functionality can withstand wide range operating temperatures from -30 up to +70 degrees Celsius. An industrial grade cable harness enables effortless power and data connectivity through plug and play installation.

With the ability to run a customised software module, the platform can be programmed to suit a multitude of different applications, from simple vehicle diagnostics to operational data logging, and store and forward data transfers. 

  • LTE, 3G, Satellite, WiFi, WPAN, CAN Bus, RS-232, RS-485, GPS
  • Operating temperature -30° to +70° celcius
  • Built in accelerometer
  • Customised cable harness for plug and play installation
  • Support for private and public communications networks

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