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Different types of Digital Signage Deployments

The Digital Signage industry is booming with  organisations all over the world using it to communicate and engage with their customers. There are many ways to use digital signage, read the article below to learn more about the different types of digital signage deplayments.  

1. What is Digital Signage?

You’ve probably seen digital signage around you multiple times. Every time you see a business using a digital sign to convey a message or ordered something off of a fast food menu, then you’ve used a digital sign. The digital signage industry provides all kinds of customisable signs to fit your needs. Also known as “place-based media,” digital signage shows its viewer pertinent or marketing information. These types of displays are used by many different kinds of businesses, including plenty of retail stores, restaurants, hotels, businesses, and public transportation, too. 

What’s put on a digital sign? On your digital sign, you can customise it with your particular color scheme, branding logos and visuals, fonts, and marketing messages. Easy interfaces included with digital signage deployments make it simple for you to combine images with scrolling messages. You can also program it to show movement, making it much more dynamic for the viewer. It’s similar to creating your own customizable YouTube channel or television program that displays your particular messaging needs. 

If you’re not using digital signage, you’re missing out on a multi-billion-dollar industry that’s impactful and growing more than print marketing. 

2. Why is Digital Signage so Important?

If a stand-alone picture is worth a thousand words, then a digital sign must be worth at least ten times that much. That’s how powerful and important digital signage is. 

Digital signage magnifies your message’s impact and provides a striking visual image that can catch your viewers’ attention much more powerfully than more static media like print, posters, and billboards. Also, you don’t have to go to a printing shop every time you want to change your message, so having a digital sign saves on marketing costs. That adds more money to your business’s costs in the long run. 

Digital signage comes with small, easily customizable widgets that you can use on your computer to change out what the sign is going to say. With all kinds of widgets available, you can display what is custom for your business’s needs. For example, you could display a calendar or schedule of upcoming weekly classes, a list of product or service offerings, the current weather, real estate listings, today’s menu, this week’s media listings, specials, promotions, or sales. These signs can be used in any type of business setting. 

Since updating and changing out digital signs is so easy, your employees and co-workers can learn how to do it in just a few minutes. After your employee gets off the phone with a customer, they can easily log in to the digital signage software and update the sign. Running a one-day-only sale? It only takes a couple of minutes to change the price on a retail product and feature it on the digital sign. When customers enter your store, they instantly know about the sale. Other widgets can include countdown clocks or clocks for different times zones. 

Digital signage allows business owners to make instant visual messaging decisions and change them to fit your needs. Print media is much more expensive to be this flexible, and print media is static, too. Digital signage has moving images and graphics capabilities, so it’s like creating your own short video custom tailored to your business. Digital signage is truly the next step in impactful media and message deliverance.

3. Different Types of Digital Signage Deployments:

There are three main different types of digital signage deployments: single screen, single site, and multiple site. Together, these three can cover 100% of your digital signage needs. 
Single screen signage deployment is best for small installs. Media players are available with easy to use software included that allow you to log into your account and set up your digital sign to say anything you want it to. You can set it up in the lobby of a corporate building at the reception desk as an instant welcome. It also works really well in a real estate agency, for broadcasting the latest properties offered for sale. In a public fitness gym, workout classes and schedules can be promoted with instantly updated calendars and instructor profiles. Medical practices can also benefit from single screen deployment, by showing timely health information. 

Single site digital  signage deployment works great for single businesses like medical offices, gyms, spas, golf clubs, and retail stores. You can set up several digital signs in different locations to convey all types of mobile, impactful, and dynamic messages to your customers and clients. Digital signs are controlled via the computer using different widgets, like spreadsheets, text, calendar, and media. You save the project for each separate sign in its own folder and keep all of the relevant image branding, texts, sales, and promotional images you need right there for easy access. Calendars and class sizes can be updated instantly. Digital signs can be displayed in a retail window to entice customers to take advantage of sales, special offers, discounts, or specials. 

With multiple site digital signage deployment, you can collaborate and share across an unlimited number of screens. This option is both powerful and simple, to deliver your most ambitious digital signage needs to the widest audience possible. Multiple site digital signage can be put in different locations in different countries and set up as an interconnected technological system that ensures perfect and consistent branding. It’s perfect for franchises, corporations, restaurant or retail chains, medical buildings with multiple locations, gyms with multiple locations, or any other type of expanding business environment. Multi site digital signage also comes with custom widget creation to expand beyond what is currently offered to perfectly craft your own digital signs, advanced feed parsing, and advanced developer tools to make sure that all of the signs are working together to put your message out there. Also, digital signage saves thousands annually on print, poster, and billboard marketing costs, so you’ll see the difference in your bottom line month after month. 

Together, these three types of digital sign deployments take your business branding and messaging to a completely customizable, easy-to-use, high visual, and highly impactful level.