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Day One: AusRAIL PLUS 2015 Conference

As the first speakers of the day gathered near the stage, the attendees for the 2015 AusRAIL Plus conference started to pour in, carried on a cloud of hot coffee and anticipation for the first plenary sessions at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

The theme for the 2015 conference is ‘Doing it Smarter: People, Power & Performance’, and the conference agenda gives some amazing opportunities to get a sneak peak at the future plans of a number of the big players in the rail industry.
All speakers throughout the morning plenary sessions spoke of a long term vision, and an understanding that Rail will certainly play a vital role in the scalable growth of Australia's capacity, productivity and economy.

The Victorian State Premier Hon. Daniel Andrews MP discussed a bipartisan approach to infrastructure planning in Victoria.  In particular, he spoke of the imperative to "break the cycle of short term-ism” and deliver a manageable, smart infrastructure project pipeline that can be relied upon. The reason? Because planning and committing to these projects for the long term will provide the certainty the industry needs to deliver the smartest networks, the best skills and the best outcomes for freight and passenger rail. 

The follow-on session was appropriately titled, 'Establishing an Infrastructure Pipeline for the Future Growth of Rail’.  This Forum was chaired by representatives from Infrastructure and Building Bodies throughout Australia and covered some state-based approaches to rail infrastructure projects and pipelines. The sentiment of the forum could be summed up with the following statement made by the Chairman of the Australasian Rail Association, Bob Herbert, "It’s relatively easy to construct a 20 year pipeline of committed, announced & proposed rail projects. It’s what happens next that counts." 

To be continued…..

Our Purpose at the AusRAIL conference

In attending the conference, and writing about the event, we hope to understand more about the rail industry, about our role as a National communications infrastructure supplier, and get a glimpse of what the future holds for the rail industry throughout Australia. 

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