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Cybertec Range and Selection Guide

Cybertec produces reliable, high performing industrial communication products, built for the Australian environment. Read on to learn more about the Cybertec capabilities and find a helpful product selection guide.

Benefits of Cybertec

  • Designed and made in Australia for our conditions
  • Not just a standard retail modem in a rugged metal enclosure
  • Able to operate in a wide temperature range
  • Robust security and VPN options on select models, to meet industry and business needs
  • Each router is burn in tested to ensure years of reliable operation
  • Router and carrier redundancy options to ensure the device is always accessible 
  • Multiple level watchdogs
  • DNP3 Outstation supported*
  • IoT compatible 


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4G provides a significant throughput (speed) increase over 3G.  Cybertec modems with 4G capabilities can download and upload at a much faster speed than those with 3G.  4G is excellent for applications like video monitoring, and other high bandwidth traffic.  It may be necessary to increase your monthly data plan allowance if utilising 4G in some applications to cope with its ability to download/upload the same amount of data in about ¼ the time of 3G.  Cybertec modems will fall back to utilise 3G if no 4G network is currently available.

4GX coverage is now available in some locations.  4GX utilises a different frequency and as such can provide better penetration for in-building applications.  

LTE Cat 1 (LTE-M1) is another variation of 4G that is designed for IoT and has a capped maximum download/upload rate of 10Mbps and 5Mbps respectively. By limiting this speed for applications which do not require high bandwidth, the power consumption of the modem is reduced for power sensitive implementations.  It can also operate on the 700Mhz (4Gx) band which provides the benefits of better in-building penetration.


Dual SIM routers provide carrier level redundancy.  For example, one SIM with Telstra, and a backup SIM with Optus for connectivity critical applications - this provides automatic failover in the event of lost connection and inability to connect back to the same carrier.


Most Cybertec models have dual LAN ports, which removes the need for an additional network switch in small environments.  Usefull in situations where you often require more than one network connected device.


The serial port/s in a Cybertec router provides the ability for serial devices to connect to the IP world.  Example devices include Modbus RTU and serial only hardware.  


The Cybertec 2255X provides multiple digital inputs and outputs.  These can be used for a variety of control and monitoring tasks.  They may be used to power cycle a device which has become non-responsive (Output).  You could remotely trigger a device to power cycle via an SMS message or the web console on the router.  You could use it to monitor a door switch, sending alerts if and when it changes state (Input). 


This model of Cybertec router is designed for ADSL use and does not connect to the cellular network.  It utilises a fixed copper line, similar to a household ADSL modem/router.

Utilities and Renewables
> SCADA and telemetry
>  IoT solutions
>  Smart metering
>  Analogue and digital remote monitoring
>  Remote asset monitoring and control
>  Remote monitoring and control of legacy serial hardware
>  Tank level monitoring (fuel, water, other)
>  Solar powered telemetry stations
>  DNP3 out station enabled
Mining and Resources
> SCADA and telemetry
> Analogue and digital remote monitoring
>  Remote monitoring and control of legacy serial hardware
> Environmental monitoring (weather, water, gas, air)
> Tank level monitoring (fuel, water, other)
> Vehicle monitoring tracking and telemetry
> Health monitoring of remote devices (temperature, vibration)
Rail and Transportation
> SCADA and telemetry
> Analogue and digital remote monitoring
> CCTV monitoring
> Vehicle monitoring tracking and telemetry
> Tank level monitoring (fuel, water, other)
> Solar powered telemetry stations
Building Services
> IoT solutions
> Smart metering
> CCTV monitoring
> Vehicle monitoring tracking & telemetry
> Remote monitoring and control of legacy serial devices to prolong life span