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Yamaha Product showcase QLD Round Up

Madison Technologies Broadcast & AV recently held a Product Showcase featuring Yamaha at their newly refurbished QLD office. James Gilchrist, Senior Account Manager was on hand and he shares the top learnings from this event.

1.Yamaha provides the complete solution
From processor, to amp, to ceiling speakers and IP35 rated surface mount speakers, Yamaha CIS product range is installer friendly.  Their speakers come with all of the bits needed – cutout templates, ceiling reinforcement, fixings and so on.  Save time and stress in the field.  No more last-minute trips to Bunnings! 

2.Yamaha has a huge range of flexible control options
Even the most sophisticated processor configurations are easy to program with MTX-MRX Editor, and end-user control comes via wall panel, serial, IP, iPhone/Android apps, or fully customisable iPad/iPhone based control panels.  Give the end-users the access they need while locking down the parts they don’t!

3. ProVisionaire  Touch is the perfect tool for controlling the MTX and MRX series processors
Quite often we receive feedback that a piece of hardware is fantastic but you need an engineering degree to make it work. Cue Yamaha's ProVisionaire Touch. It’s a software-based control and display interface for the MTX and MRX series DSPs. The beauty of this software is that it’s made to live on a hand held mobile device (currently iOS) and as such, the programming steps are intuitive and easy to use. Our Technical Product Manager Cameron used it to control basic functions such as Power On/Off and Volume Up/Down but you can actually do a whole more with it. Have a look here:

4. Yamaha pricing compares favorably to the competition
All attendees were pleasantly surprised that a big name brand known for quality does not come with a big-ticket price.

5. Lucky door prize winner
Shane Palmer from Videopro Brisbane entered and won the Door Prize draw. Shane will be taking home a pair of Yamaha HPH-MT5 studio headphones. 
I caught up with Shane and presented him with his prize:

6. Yamaha Trivia
Did you know that the Yamaha logo is actually comprised of three intersecting tuning forks? This dates back to 1877, when Yamaha was first established and represents the three pillars of Yamaha’s business.
Check it out at