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Secure Remote Access Solutions

M2M One 

M2M One is Madison Technologies’ recommended solution provider for Static IP, VPN & Managed IPWAN services.
M2M One’s IPX VPN solution provides seamless remote access and secure data transfers between remote wireless (cellular) devices and a head office. Each remote wireless device is given a private static IP address and has a M2M One SIM installed.  Users wishing to connect with remote devices will use the M2M One VPN client software to connect securely to their remote devices.

Features of IPX VPN:

  • Secure solution.
  • Suitable for single device, or scalable for many.
  • Static private IP address assignment for devices.
  • Optional internet connectivity (per account).
  • No need for VPN config on remote device.
  • M2M One SIMS operate on the Telstra network.
  • Web portal device management platform.
  • Decreased dependency on support.
  • Easy troubleshooting.
  • M2M One is a reputable and established service provider.

IPX Services

This network diagram shows a typical use case, utilizing IPXCLIENT from M2M One. Each remote device is given it’s own private static IP address and can either communicate directly with a remote 3G/4G modem with a M2M One SIM installed, or they can use a remote VPN client to talk directly to a host server.


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